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Meet Your Irish Dual Citizenship Legal Team


At IDC, everything we do celebrates our Irish roots and pays tribute to our ancestors from Ireland. We are proud to assist clients globally in securing their Irish dual citizenship not only for them, but for all of their future generations to come. Whether you are seeking Irish citizenship through descent or via marriage, our skilled team of Irish citizenship professionals is here to help you complete the process  efficiently and quickly. IDC offers a range of services in-house and has established office locations in both the US and Ireland to help streamline the process for our clients. Founders and leading attorneys Marco Permunian and Andrea Permunian provide full service legal support for all of our clients from start to finish. Under the guidance of established EU citizenship attorney Marco Permunian, every case handled by IDC receives the utmost attention and care.

Jason LoPresti IDC administrator

Jason LoPresti


Jason is our IDC Administrator in our US Office. He helps assist and organize our clients to ensure each person is properly routed to the correct department to be handled quickly and efficiently depending on the specific needs of each person.

Marco Permunian

IDC Legal counsel

Marco Permunian is the Head of the US office of Irish Dual Citizenship and principal legal consultant who oversees IDC’s Irish citizenship cases from start to finish. Marco specializes in addressing complex citizenship cases and helps you qualify for Irish dual citizenship.

Brianna Kinney is an Irish citizenship specialist with IDC

Brianna Kenny


Brianna is a Dual Citizenship Specialist and and expert at helping you evaluate and confirm your eligibility for Irish citizenship. She is always eager to help and will be one of your primary contacts during the qualification phase at IDC.

Alessandra Bloom​ client relations and researching and evaluating Irish dual citizenship eligibility

Alessandra Bloom

Client Relations Manager

Alessandra graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in business administration and marketing from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts. She works in client relations, researching and evaluating Irish dual citizenship eligibility, as well as writing and editing articles.

Melanie Quillen expertise and experience preparing Irish citizenship applications

Melanie Quillen

Office Manager in Dallas

Melanie has expertise and experience preparing Irish citizenship applications by descent or through marriage. Her knowledge and attention to detail match her strong communication skills. She is the primary point of contact for our clients and she ensures the office runs smoothly.

Maia Kanchelashvili

Maia Kanchelashvili

Office Manager in Georgia

Maia is a Masters Graduate in Foreign Languages and Literature. She has profound international experience as a legal consultant for diverse projects of all scales in Los-Angeles, Mexico City, Seoul and many major European cities. Currently, she works as an Irish citizenship expert and she is a point of reference for Irish Citizenship Assistance.