Marco Permunian Italian lawyer at IDC

Our founder and principal attorney, Marco Permunian, is an established expert in both Irish citizenship and Italian citizenship cases. Earning his law degree from the prestigious University of Ferrara in Italy, Marco went on to build IDC and ICA, one of the largest dual citizenship companies in the nation with multiple international office locations.

Having offices in both Ireland and Italy, Marco serves as the principal director where he leads a team of professionals specializing in Irish dual citizenship and immigration cases. This team includes lawyers, genealogists, translators, immigration professionals, and citizenship specialists.

Marco oversees all aspects of team management and operations, such as retrieving genealogical records and vital documents, analyzing complex Irish citizenship cases, providing legal counsel, foreign birth registrations, and finalizing all necessary documentation for official submission of Irish citizenship applications. His expertise in vital record procurement, immigration law, and the Irish citizenship process, helps ensure our clients cases are handled professionally.

Coming from a lineage of legal professionals, Marco has collaborated with law firms across Ireland, Italy, and the United States, handling diverse cases ranging from international transactions to commercial matters and immigration issues.

Marco has extensive experience traveling to various countries and has served as a speaker at international workshops and seminars focused on the latest immigration laws and the process of obtaining Irish citizenship. If you’re interested in having Marco speak at your upcoming conference, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Fluent in English, Italian, and Spanish, Marco seamlessly navigates between our offices in Ireland, Italy, and the United States to provide dedicated assistance to our clients. With Marco and the IDC team, you can trust that your needs are in capable hands.

If you have Irish heritage and are considering claiming Irish citizenship by descent, contact us today to discuss your case details and explore the best path toward successfully attaining dual citizenship!

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