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What You Can Expect During Your IDC Phone Consultation

We offer an in-depth free preliminary assessment to research your Irish ancestry at no charge or obligation to evaluate your and your family’s qualifications for Irish dual citizenship and review the details to confirm what must be done for your Irish citizenship application to be successful. You can contact us directly at (213) 658-6833 for assistance.

If you are considering applying for Irish citizenship based on descent or Irish citizenship through marriage, it is essential first to confirm your eligibility and understand the criteria applicable to your circumstances. Our initial step involves a free phone consultation where we review your the details of your case, the requirements, and the Irish citizenship application process.

During this preliminary assessment, we collect details of your case to provide customize assistance that meets your requirements to successfully obtain Irish citizenship.

Free IDC phone consultation

Depending on your needs, you’ll be provided a quote based on the services necessary for you to secure the rights and benefits of Irish citizenship.

Helpful Information For The Free Phone Consultation:

Information about your Irish ancestors, including:

  • Ancestors names, dates and places of birth, and current residence in the U.S.
  • Any pertinent documents related to your Irish ancestors, like birth certificates, marriage certificates (if available), or naturalization records.
  • We also request details about their descendants.

For individuals seeking Irish citizenship through an ancestor (parent, grandparent, or great grandparent), we thoroughly examine each case to determine if eligibility can be established through the maternal or paternal line. We review the documentation needed to apply for Irish citizenship identify service options that best fit your circumstances.

Irish Citizenship Through Marriage

When obtaining Irish citizenship through marriage, we procure all the necessary paperwork, such as Irish marriage certificates, vital records documents, and background checks. Moreover, we help you submit your application to the Irish government and can arrange a meeting with one of the U.S. Irish Consulate locations if required.

What Information Is Required for your Appointment?

During your appointment, we will require the following:

  • The current address and registration information of your spouse.
  • The city in the US or Ireland where the marriage was officially recognized and registered.
  • The birth city and State of the Irish spouse and any states they have legally resided.
  • A list of any documents you have already procured.

The process for acquiring Irish citizenship varies for each person, so we offer customized quotes and personalized dual citizenship services. Our dedicated team of lawyers, immigration experts, and genealogists work diligently to streamline the Irish dual citizenship process for all of our clients.