100% Money Back Guarantee


Our aim is to provide you with top-tier service for obtaining Irish dual citizenship efficiently and successfully. We stand behind the quality of our Irish citizenship application process and Executive Packages, offering a guarantee to ensure your peace of mind. With these packages, our dedicated team of IDC citizenship experts handles all aspects necessary for your Irish citizenship application, ensuring that your Citizenship Kit is fully prepared for your appointment with the Irish Consulate.

While you may occasionally need to forward IDs, signatures, or mail, the majority of the process is managed by us when you choose our Full Services package for Irish citizenship. If you want to know the benefits of Irish citizenship you can find those here.

What’s Our Policy?

In the event that the Irish consulate in the U.S. or Ireland’s designated municipality permanently denies your application after three attempts, we will refund the entire service fee via certified check.

However, it’s important to note that some citizenship cases are highly complex, and the 100% money-back guarantee may not always apply. Prior to initiating the process, you can verify with us whether the guarantee applies to your specific case.

Before proceeding, please inquire with us about whether your case qualifies for our 100% money-back guarantee. If deemed applicable, we will document it in our service agreement.

The guarantee is rendered void under the following circumstances:

  • Delinquent payment
  • Refusal of legal counsel when deemed necessary for a successful appointment
  • Failure to authorize IDC to obtain the necessary documents for your case
  • Refusal to attend subsequent appointments as required

Special Note: Certain Irish consulates may require multiple appointments with time-consuming amendments. In such instances, we prepare the Citizenship Kit for the initial appointment to showcase the consulate where you’ll be attending and the quality of documentation provided. We cannot be held liable for appointment scheduling or the duration of time taken by the consulate to review the Irish citizenship application.

Additional Fees

Our service fees cover the operational costs of the service and do not include out-of-pocket expenses, which may include:

  • Costs for certificates, which vary by country and state for Irish citizenship by descent applications.
  • Various expenses related to the preparation of your Irish citizenship application, such as authorization and certification costs, agency fees, notary fees, postage and shipping, public transit/gas fees for onsite research (when necessary), and customized translations.

To maintain transparency, invoices will outline all expenses and include copies of receipts. Expenses are billed after they occur, and payment must be submitted upon receipt.

While billable expenses are typically incurred by clients opting for the Assistance or Executive Package, those enrolled in the Citizenship Assistance Program are responsible for covering the same costs upon request and gathering all relevant information.

Special Note: Legal documents in languages other than English may be outsourced, and a court order may be required in cases of major name changes, inconsistencies in documents, or unregistered civil records. Payment plans are exclusively offered for service fees, not billable expenses.